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My first Anita fic post!!!

For all of you who are interested in Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series take a look under the cut. After reading Incubus Dreams I just had have more- so I wrote it myself. Take a look- and FEED BACK IS APPRECIATED!

This is where I saw the characters going. There is so much going on at the end that you have to wonder where everyone stands. Does Richard change his ways? How will Anita deal with what she has made of her home life? Can Micah be as great as he sounds? How do you contain two Triumvirates without loosing yourself in the process? Join me with Anita and the boys, the story can only get better from here!

The phone rang waking me out of a deep sleep. I wasn't sure how many times it had rung or why neither of the boys had answered it. I rolled over and fumbled for the phone.
"Yeah,Anita here." I was trying to remember if there would be a reason for anybody calling me this early. What time was it anyway?
"Anita, did I wake you?" the voice on the other end of the line asked.
"Yes, who is this?" I asked while still trying to focus on the voice.
"It's me Zebrowski, don't you recognize my voice?" He questioned trying to sound hurt.
"Hey, what did you need?" I could feel this was not a social call.
"I need you down at the hospital." He said with a little hesitation.
"Murder scene?" I questioned but feeling something was really wrong with his tone.
"Not exactly, I think you should wait for more details until you get down here." He seemed to be acting more off than usual.
"Can't you just tell me now?" I could feel the pulse in my head starting to create a headache.
"No, just get down here before this is all over the news." He hung up before I could ask him anything else.
That is not like Zebrowski, there had to be something very wrong. I climbed out of bed wondering where Micah and Nathaniel were. They always answered the phone when I was sleeping. I walked out to the kitchen and found a note from Micah.

We went to get some groceries and stuff. Be back in just a bit. Nathaniel said there is coffee ready to brew all you have to do is turn it on. Didn't want to wake you , you looked so peaceful.
We love you

I walked over to the coffee maker and turned it on. Thank goodness Nathaniel thinks of everything. I couldn't get over how quiet the house was with no one here but me. I jumped in the shower while the coffee finished brewing. With my hair up in a towel I poured myself a cup. I put it in a travel mug instead of my baby penguin cup since I knew I didn't have enough time to sit down and enjoy it. I hurried and combed my mass of curls throwing in some gel and pulled it into a loose ponytail. No fuss, no muss that's me.


Once I arrived at the hospital the trick was figuring out where Zebrowski was. I decided that it would be smarter to just call him. I dialed and waited for him to pick up. He picked up on the first ring, as usual.
"Anita, where are you?" he sounded out of breath.
"Down in the lobby, you didn't tell me where you wanted me." I was hoping he wouldn't say the morgue.
"Fifth floor room 516, just tell Dannerson you are here to see me." He finished and hung up. He had learned that from Dolph. They never said goodbye, I was also starting to do that with everyone but Micah and Nathaniel.
I got on the elevator and headed to the fifth floor. I wasn't sure what reason they could have for needing me at the hospital. I usually never got called in unless someone was dead. Not unless they started keeping the bodies on a different floor.
Once off the elevator I knew which room it was because of the uniformed officer standing guard at the door.
"Marshal Blake to see Sergeant Zebrowski." I was using my official federal voice. How impressive!
"Wait here just a minute." The officer said. He stuck his head into the door and spoke to someone and then turned back to me. He didn't say anything just waved me past him and through the door.
Inside the room I could see several people around and the one that stood out was Louis. He was Richard's best friend and my best friends' one time boyfriend. My heart began to tighten in my chest. Thoughts were running through me and I just knew something had happened to one of them. My connection to Richard should have told me if it was him, but you know me. I never read the signs right. At that moment Louis turned around and his eyes went wide.
"Anita, I swear I was going to call you, but the cop over there," he jerked a thumb at Zerbrowski, "called you first." he said his face looked pale and unwell.
"Call me about what?" Everything started to slow down and I couldn't think. I concentrated on my breathing so I wouldn't pass out.
"It's Ronnie, she was found outside Guilty Pleasures. They think she was attacked or raped, maybe both." Louis's eyes filled with tears that threatened to fall if he blinked to much.
I pushed my way to the person in the bed. When I looked down at her she looked so frail, it was like looking at someone else. I reached down and touched her hand gently. She moaned and moved away a little.
"Ronnie, can you hear me?" I could feel my eyes burning with compassion for her. What had done this to her or who?
"What happened to her, who found her, do you have any suspects?" my voice was not my own and cracked a little at the end. Zebrowski held up his hands to stop me from continuing.
"We don't know who but we do know what. She was raped and whoever did this to her must have had a score to settle with her." He waited to see if I would interrupt but I didn't, for once.
"This is the most vicious attack I've seen in a long time." He motioned for me to follow him outside.
"Do you know of anyone who would have problem with your friend? This attack seemed rather personal." He waited for me to respond.
"I don't know. Everyone who knows her really likes her and the ones that don't, know very little about her." As I finished I tried to go over a mental log of anybody that would hate and came up empty.
"Stay with her today and if she tells you anything let me know." He turned away from me and started down the hall.
"Tell me something Zerbrowski. Why is the PRIT involved with a rape case?" I gave him suspicious eyes.
"There was a girl killed some time back and she had taken the same savage beating. Only she didn't make it and I was hoping maybe we could actually catch this person." he finished. I knew there was something else and wasn't sure why he was keeping me out of the loop. I hoped he talk to me later about it.
After everyone else had left Louis and I sat in the room waiting for Ronnie to wake up. I would have made small talk if I was any good at it, but I'm not so I didn't. The room was so quiet except for the air being blown out of the wall unit and the machine Ronnie was hooked up to.
I must have dozed off in the chair because I woke up to someone touching my knee and calling my name.
"Anita, are you alright?" It was Micah and he had a strange look on his face. I couldn't read it, but something told me either I was talking in my sleep or looked like shit again.
"When did you get here?" I asked leaning up to give him a chaste kiss.
"You were calling for someone and moaning in your sleep." He ignored my question. Calling someone. Oh, that is never good. But why not ask and see if it was really as bad as it sounded.
"Who was I calling?" My voice sounded innocent enough.
"Richard." Micah said flatly. He looked down when he said it and I knew at that moment that I had hurt him. How do you make something like that better? Was there really anyway to do that? Great, just great things are finally going smoothly and I have to go and fuck them up.
"Why would I call for him?" I tried for a little light humor, didn't work at all.
"I don't know. I have to go and take Nathaniel to work. Do you want me to come back after?" he asked. You could see nothing of the pain I knew he had to be feeling. His face was as inviting as ever. It was like nothing was wrong at all.
"Yes, but don't you have to work today?" I questioned.
"I got someone else to cover for me so I could be here for you if you need me." He was kneeling down so I didn't have to look up at him. I reached out and touched his face and he rubbed my hand lightly with his whiskered cheek. My body warmed at the touch of him. I kissed him lightly and wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled.
"Have you feed any of the hungers today?" he whispered against my ear. My heart fell, I had totally forgotten about any of the hungers.
"No." I glanced up into his eyes. How would I do something like that in a place like this. The whole place would be sure to hear it.
Micah smiled at me and in that moment I knew he could read me like a book. "We need to slip out and go somewhere soon before it becomes a problem." He leaned back still smiling
"Where could we...." He put a finger to my lips.
"I'll figure something out. " He stood with just that said. I was beginning to wonder what he was up to. He left the room and I looked around at some of the people that must have arrived while I was sleeping. Ronnie's parents had shown up and Louis was talking to them over in a corner. I stretched and Louis turned and smiled faintly at me.
"Finally awake? I hope we didn't wake you." His voice seemed strained and not like usual.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep." I said with a rush of blood to my cheeks.
I moved to see if Ronnie had changed or woken up yet but I knew she hadn't. Her mother looked at me and I could see the pain in her eyes. I didn't want to look at that pain. Not with me sleeping while her daughter lay in the bed and the attacker out on the loose.
"I am sorry Mrs. Sims. If there is anything I can do or get for you let me know." I said meeting her sorrowful eyes.
"Just figure out who did this Anita, that's all I want." She leaned into Mr. Sims and started to sob quietly.
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