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Merry Gentry RPG

Ever wanted to roleplay in the world created by LKH in the Merry Gentry series, but without the characters? Cause & Effect is an online RPG using the world of Seelie and Unseelie but with an original plot and characters.

The Announcement took place, the reactions were seen and the anger began to build. Now it is time for Bryanna, Princess of Vision and Trace, to be welcomed in the Unseelie Court. Welcomed, being a loose term of course. She will be trading the animosity of the Seelie Court for the animosity of the Unseelie Court. Not perfect enough for the Seelie Court, it is her Seelie heritage that has sparked outrage amongst the Houses and Nobles of the Unseelie Court

It is a betrothal that has ripped Bryanna away from her Court and into the bloody darkness of the Unseelie Court. She is betrothed to the Unseelie Prince, and if a child is concieved they will be married as Sidhe law states. The result of careful discussions between the Seelie Queen and Unseelie King, the betrothal is to bring peace between the Courts. As far as the Human Government knew the Sidhe had been at peace since the 1800s, if they found out they were still at war... well, the Sidhe would be exiled. They have already been exiled once, and there is no where else for them to go now.

With only six Seelie Guards to protect her, Bryanna is up to her neck in trouble.

A few extra notes:
Cause & Effect has borrowed the world of the Fey and the Sidhe created by Laurell K Hamilton. However, we are not a 'fans only' RPG. If you like the sound of the plot and have never read the books, you are more than welcome! Information about the Fey, their customs, the species, the two Courts etc. is on the website. As the moderator I am also on hand to answer any questions you may have.

If you are a Laurell K Hamilton fan and love the Anita Blake series, but not the Merry Gentry series possibly due to the characters, then this RPG gives you the chance to play it how you want it. There are no canon characters though, and this RPG has some differences to the books. The Main one being that the Unseelie and Seelie Courts never found real peace.

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