Confusion (eure_maum) wrote in kiss_of_shadows,

Help me find missing comics

Okay guys, I just started collecting the Anita Blake comic book. There is only one freakin comic book store in the town I'm at so I was able to get the current series from volume 6 to volume 10.  Anyone know where I can get 1 through 5 at through like online sources? Also got the two volume special series so I think I have almost all the comic books for Anita Blake that has been released except for 1 through 5. Anyone got any ideas or can help me find them? Thanks!
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The comics are being combined into books. They are available just about every book store. The first one has 1-6 I believe and costs $19.99 I was collecting the individual comics until they stopped after 6 and told me it was coming out in a large combined form of soft book. Now I've learned they have continued to make comics but I've stopped collecting them. I may go ahead and get the books later. I have all her books up to know and though the art is great, its way too much to read the story that way. Good luck on your search. Oh, you can also get them on