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kiss_of_shadows's Journal

Laurell K Hamilton Community
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This community is for fans of all of Laurell K Hamilton's works. From Guilty Pleasures to A Caress of Twilight. Please be polite and no flaming is allowed. Have fun and keep an open mind. Fangirls and boys are welcome~! ^_^ You can post tests, fanfics, news and pics related to Laurell K Hamiltons works and stories but please try to use LJ cut if the text is large or when it involves more than one pic or if the picture or literature is inappropriate. I also ask that you add a warning at the beginning of your post to prevent any confusion or issues due to adult content.

These rules are for your and others benefits so please adhere to them while using this community. My sincerest Thanks and Grattitude.


The moderator is deityofdeath (me) Contact me if you have questions, comments, issues or problems.