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Introduction and some Nightseer comments.

Hi, I'm Jessica and I've been a Laurell K. and Anita Blake fan for about 6 years now. I really loved the first Anita books that I read at my library, and I've followed the series religiously. I've also read the Merry Gentry books, and I recently finished Nightseer, Laurell's debut novel.

I enjoyed Nightseer, although it wasn't really that great of a book. It has a very interesting premise, but there are a lot of plot holes. Keleios is kind of a proto-Anita - sexy, smart, magically and martially gifted, stubborn, and is being persued by a man she thinks she should despise. The universe seems interesting, but it's not very well developed. A lot of it seems as if she needed something to push the novel forward, so she'd just make it up. That's not something you can do with a fantasy novel because it makes it feel very messy and all over the place.
However, there are some things it has that the later Anita books are lacking. I think that Laurell K's writing style has suffered from a lack of good copy editing. Her words don't flow as nicely as they did in her first books. It's not a well paced book, but at least there's really some action. Something that made me almost quit reading Danse Macabre was the extended talks Anita and everyone stood around having. She's supposed to be reasonably intelligent, so why did it take 2 people 3 pages to explain that the Sirens thought she was sexy? It's stuff like that that takes you out of the novels.

So, that's what I have to say. :) Nice to meet everyone, and I hope to learn a lot through this community.
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